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        News & Information
        About Liaoning Province
          Liaoning is located in the south part of Northeastern China, bordering the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea to the south, adjacent to North Korea by the Yalu River, and facing Japan and South Korea across the sea.   Liaoning has a land area of 148 thousand km2, with a coastline of 2292 km, and 68 thousand-km2 offshore waters.110 kinds of minerals have been discovered in Liaoning Province, of which 24 have ranked top 10 in the amount of available reserve.Liaoning has 14 provincial-level municipalities, 100 county-level regions(including county-level cities and districts), with a population of 42.71 million...
        About Us
        Main Responsibilities of Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province
        Investment Guide
        About Liaoning Province
        China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone
        National Economic and Technological Development Zone
        Comprehensive Bonded Zone
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        Major Foreign Trade Enterprises
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        Outbound Investment Enterprise
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